Under its project of professional upskilling (transfer of technologies and knowledge), Codeaukhmer offered to work for NPIC (National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia), in order to enhance their capacity to train their students.

NPIC is a tertiary education campus created in 2005, with support from the ministry of Labor and professional training. To provide quality teaching, and allow students to pursue their studies or enter working life, NPIC needs to develop its pedagogical tools. Thanks to a partnership with Jeon Ju university in South Korea, the faculty of electricity has some material and technologies to use for the lessons. Unfortunately, most of these tools remain unused because of the lack of knowledge. Different approaches were selected to remedy this situation.

Partnership with Technologic Institute of Montpellier 

Since 2015, French students in Electrical and Computer Engineering do three months internships within the framework of their second year of studies. Their missions are to repair damaged electronic devices (oscilloscopes, microcontrollers, pneumatics machines…) and to provide Khmer students with tutoring sessions in English about the use of certain kinds of software.

These stays also allow rich cultural exchanges between French and Khmer youths. The NGO accompanies the interns outside of their working schedule to guarantee a genuinely authentic experience in Cambodia.

Construction of common projects 

A project of solar oven thought through by Mr Patrice Blanchet, a French engineer volunteer with Codeaukhmer, is currently being elaborated. This ambitious project would allow the students to develop their theoretical and practical skills, working on a useful tool for the rural population.

Codeaukhmer also makes NPIC students take part in its ecotourism projects. Each year, two interns of the Tourism and Hospitality faculty take part in the organization of the solidarity trip, as part of their third year of studies.

Research of other partnerships 

The university has many other faculties for which the French volunteers also try to find new partners, so the students have more internship opportunities.

It is this kind of partnership which now links the Cooking faculty with the bakery Crumbs, founded by Léa Richard in Phnom Penh. She trains a student to cooking and selling skills (in Khmer and English).