One of our major project in progress is the construction of 15 biogas production devices for household use.

Two villages from Svay Rieng province expressed the need for logistical and financial support concerning the construction of a biomass based system generating biogaz using animal and plant waste.

Cassava and legumes foliage collection mixed up with animal excretions enables the biomass fermentation (methanization). The biogaz produced fuels gas stoves inside each of the 15 houses for cooking and heating water.

Biogaz production by methanization also generates digestate which is a very efficient organic fertilizer. This system also contributes to reduce deforestation, which is a big issue in Cambodia, since the biogaz replaces wood for cooking and avoid smoke gases releases.

This system is composed of methanization pits, storage balloon, and gas supply pipes to the houses. Simple to use and robust, this device is particularly well-adapted the the villagers’ needs : after a security and maintenance training sessions, they manage by themselves the use the system.