Codeau Khmer is a rural development Cambodian NGO created in 1994, and registered in France since 2009.

French-Khmer current president M. Pitou ANG is the initiator of the NGO. He left Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime and now works for a big electrical company in France.

Rural development issues are at the heart of our concerns. Rural exodus is increasing in Cambodia, leading countryside to bleed out from its inhabitants : it destructures families and destroys traditional ways of life. Lacking of professional opportunities, young cambodian are leaving their hometown to big cities and their promesses of underpaid jobs in the garment or construction industry.

However, people living in the rural areas only wish to be able to stay in their villages. Our aim is, therefore, to improve the living conditions in the cambodian countryside so that villagers have the assurance of a decent livelihood in their homeland.

To that end, we adopt a cross-sectoral approach and implement project in diverse areas : water and energy access, agricultural support, education, culture, ecotourism…