Cod.eau Khmer is a local Cambodian NGO born in 1994 under the leadership of Mr Pitou Ang.

Mr Pitou Ang is a Frenchman of Cambodian origin. He left his country after surviving three years of deportation under the Khmer Rouge regime. He is currently an operations analyst with EDF’s IT and Telecommunications Department.

A team of young Cambodian Anglophone and Francophone graduates work with many French volunteers to set up and follow the different projects of the organization. This team was trained in the ISO 9001 quality approach for the realization of humanitarian projects in the country.

The objective of Cod.Eau Khmer is to fight against the rural exodus by participating in the development and return of a traditional agriculture. To achieve this goal the NGO has a holistic approach and leads projects in the areas of water resources, education, diversification of sources of income, environmental protection and reforestation.