Access to knowledge

Some villages do not have enough income to finance the construction of school buildings. It was the case in Prey Thom (Battambang province) and in Samroung (Preah Vihear province). To overcome these difficulties, Codeaukhmer created two shelter-schools (built with row material and intended to be replaced by a permanent building). The urgency of the youth’s instruction can be addressed, while the money to create better conditions is gathered.

These two villages were provided with libraries (one in Samroung and two in Prey Thom), books and school material. To ensure that the pupils benefit genuinely of these infrastructures, teams of local youth volunteers are formed to animation skills. The goal is to make the libraries live. They learn inventory skills, how to organize reading groups and educational games. It is crucial to strengthen the kids’ reading knowledge, which the parents are not really interested in. These projects are carried out in collaboration with the NGO World Vision Cambodia.

Access to culture

As an out-of-school activity, Codeaukhmer helped along with the creation of dance classes in Ta Suos (Svay Rieng) and Samroung (Preah Vihear).

The NGO pays for a teacher to come regularly, as well as for the traditional costumes. This allows the children to keep alive the traditions of their country even in rural areas. They perform in front of tourists who come in solidarity trip.